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Feel the sensation of flying above water.

Efoil Boards are not dependent on wind or waves, so you can ride anywhere, anytime.



Experience breathtaking moments as you glide across the water. Feel the sensation of flying. One of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor recreation, eFoiling has redefined the future of modern water sports. 

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Powered by a robust propulsion system, An Efoil Board gives you the ultimate water experience. You can ride anytime and anywhere on oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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The World’s Leading Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

Longer Runtime: A re-engineered propeller that
consumes less energy while generating more thrust.
Faster Speed: Ride up to 40 km/h*.

Lighter Weight: Board weight reduces by 3.5 kg while
its rigidity increases by 60%.

Better Connectivity: An upgraded Bluetooth chipset
that provides a more stable and stronger connection.

Easy Assembly and Transport


Choose Your Ride Style

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Lighter Yet Stronger
The Ultimate e-Foiling Thrill

To give you a smooth, easily maneuverable, and rock-steady ride, our boards come wrapped up in an aluminum alloy frame that has been re-engineered, through rigorous analyses and simulations, to make the boards 3.5 kg lighter while increasing their rigidity by 60%.

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Upgraded Chipset
Enhanced Connectivity

The upgraded chipsets inside the Flyer ONE Plus Controller and the mast enhance the Bluetooth connectivity between the controller and the power unit, making the connection more stable, even in choppy waters.

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Fully Charged
Maximize Your Ride

With a fully charged Waydoo Flyer ONE Plus, you can now enjoy up to 120 minutes of runtime*, allowing you to have more fun foiling in the water than ever before.

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At Waydoo we stand behind our product and quality 100%. That is why we’re offering a 12-month warranty on defects caused by workmanship or materials. The 12-month warranty covers the board, the mast, the wings, and the battery (within 400 charge cycles). 

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Break barriers with new adaptable features. The Waydoo Flyer ONE just got even better with integrated multipurpose functions. Waydoo Flyer ONE is the only eFoil on the market that can be attached to a Dinghy as an exterior rear propulsion motor. 

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979 V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe

Cebu City, Philippines 6000

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